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10 Cruise Ships Debuting in 2024

Several new cruise ships are scheduled to hit the open waters in 2024, many of them with features never seen before. The following ten cruise ships are scheduled to debut in 2024, including the largest-ever from Royal Caribbean! 

Icon of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

Once this ship debuts in 2024, it will be the world’s largest cruise ship, topping another Royal Caribbean vessel, Wonder of the Seas. The Icon of the Seas is expected to have the largest water park at sea, offering six water slides, which is the most ever on a cruise ship. The vessel will also host seven pools and nine hot tubs. 

The Icon of the Seas will have 20 decks and eight neighborhoods, offering more than 40 different dining and entertainment options. Of these options are the cruise line’s first food hall and the elegant Empire Supper Club, which will offer an eight-course menu. The vessel will also have a milkshake bar, Mediterranean eatery, sushi restaurant, and a street food window.

Accommodations on the Icon of the Seas will include 30 different stateroom and suite options, many of which will be geared towards families traveling together, but the vessel will also have adults-only spaces throughout the ship.

The ship has already experienced quite a bit of success. When Royal Caribbean opened bookings in October 2022, the company reported the most bookings in a single day ever in their entire history. With the ability to carry 5,610 guests and 2,350 crew members, this enormous vessel is expected to debut in January 2024. 

Utopia of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

Royal Caribbean is also set to debut another vessel in 2024, Utopia of the Seas. Unlike the Icon of the Seas, this vessel is in a different class and is not expected to be as large. Its size does not mean the company is going any less on amenities for its passengers. The Utopia of the Seas is the final ship in the Oasis class, and it is the first ship in its class to run off LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). 

The Utopia of the Seas has the capacity to carry 5,668 guests and 2,290 crew members. The ship will also have a number of new features, including the Izumi in the Park, a new food truck for a dining option, and a Pesky Parrot Bar.

The Utopia of the Seas will have over 40 different dining and drinking venues, including 10 free dining options and 11 specialty ones. The vessel is scheduled to debut in the summer of 2024.

Disney Treasure (Disney Cruise Line)

Not to be outdone, Disney Cruise Line is also scheduled to debut a ship in 2024, the Disney Treasure. It is the sister ship to Disney Wish, which means the vessel has some similarities to its sister. Both offer the same number of guest rooms, and both are LNG-powered. 

However, there are several new features to Disney Treasure. For one, the Grand Hall, which greets guests as soon as they come onboard takes inspiration from Disney’s Aladdin. The vessel’s theme is adventure and treasure, specifically the idea of searching for hidden treasure. Characters throughout the ship are dressed with an adventure theme in mind, and the different amenities are focused on this theme, as well. 

Guests on the Disney Treasure will also have access to Disney’s second cruise ship-focused Bahamian island as of June 2024, Lighthouse Point.  The vessel is scheduled to make its debut in the summer of 2024. 

Sun Princess (Princess Cruises)

Another vessel expected to debut in 2024 is the Sun Princess, a ship offered through Princess Cruises. While it may not be the world’s largest cruise ship, this vessel will be the largest ship in the cruise line’s fleet. The Sun Princess is expected to be more than 20 percent larger than Princess Cruise’s largest ship.

The Sun Princess will be able to carry 4,300 guests and 1,550 crew members. The vessel will carry the cruise line’s largest-ever casino on the ship and the most balcony cabins on one of their ships to date. The vessel will also feature The Dome, an entertainment venue, which will offer pools during the daytime and shows at night. 

The ship will also feature the first-at-sea roll glider, a ropes course, tilt wall and other adventurous amenities for passengers. 

The Sun Princess anticipated debut is in February 2024.

Queen Anne (Cunard Line) 

Cunard Line is also anticipated to debut the Queen Anne, which will be similar to other vessels in Cunard’s fleet, including Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. The company will be offering the same elegance offered in Queen Anne’s three sister ships, with a few modern changes.

Queen Anne will offer 15 different dining options, including a customer favorite, afternoon tea. They will also be debuting a new Cunard-line venue, The Bright Lights Society, which will be an entertainment venue with a more intimate set-up.  

The vessel will also host two pools, several different wellness offerings, and staterooms and suites that give the feel of an elegant European hotel. 

The Queen Anne will be able to carry 3,000 guests and 1,225 crew members and is expected to debut in May 2024. 

Mein Schiff 7 (TUI Cruises)

The Mein Schiff 7 follows the 2019 Mein Schiff 2, and it offers a number of features, including new single cabins for single travelers. New features also include an Asian and sushi restaurant, a new smoke-free casino and attached dance club, the Champagne Treff Champagne bar, and several health and wellness amenities, such as a running track, gym, spa, sports court, pool, and climbing wall.

Mein Schiff 7 can carry 2,894 guests and 1,000 crew members, and it is anticipated to debut in June 2024.  

Mein Schiff 8 (TUI Cruises)

In addition to Mein Schiff 7, TUI Cruises is debuting another vessel, Mein Schiff 8, which is expected to debut in later 2024. This vessel will be the largest cruise ship for TUI Cruises to date. 

Not too many details have been released about Mein Schiff 8, with the exception of a few. The vessel will be LNG-powered and will feature 18 decks. TUI hopes to offer entertainment options that have not been seen on previous cruise ships, as well as a spacious wellness area.

The ship will feature a terrace with a lounge space and infinity pool on its stern. Mein Schiff 8 will be able to carry 4,000 guests and 1,100 crew members. It is expected to debut in late 2024.

Silver Ray (Silversea Cruises)

Silversea Cruises will be debuting another Nova-class ship, the Silver Ray, following the first Nova-class ship, the Silver Nova’s debut. While both the Silver Ray and Silver Nova are some of the most environmentally-friendly ships on the seas to date, the Silver Ray will be one of the most spacious ships available not just for Silversea Cruises but for other cruise lines in general.

The Silver Ray will be similar to the Silver Nova. The vessel will offer natural light suites that provide 270-degree views, and passengers will have a choice of eight different restaurants on the ship. The Silver Ray has the ability to carry 728 guests and 556 crew members. It is expected to debut in the summer of 2024.  

Explora II (Explora Journeys)

Explora Journeys is a relatively new cruise line, owned by the MSC Group. The focus of Explora Journeys is luxury in an intimate atmosphere. Explora Journeys will be debuting Explora II, a vessel which offers 500 ocean-facing suites and no interior staterooms. Explora is an all-inclusive cruise line, providing passengers with multiple ways to dine and drink, enjoying rest, relaxation and entertainment on the open seas. The vessel will have more than six restaurants, three outdoor pools, one indoor pool, and an indoor-outdoor spa. 

Explora II focuses a lot of its efforts on sustainability, powering their ships with LNG and later ships powered by hydrogen. Other sustainability features include reduced underwater noise in order to protect marine life, energy-saving appliances onboard, short-to ship power, LED lighting, and anti-fouling paint. 

The Explora II will have the capacity to carry 922 passengers and 640 crew members, and it is expected to debut in August 2024. 

Viking Vela (Viking Cruises)

Viking Cruises is expected to debut one of their largest vessels to date, the Viking Vela. This ship is the Viking’s 10th cruise ship. This ship will be an adults-only vessel, channeling the same styles that passengers will find on the Vela’s sister ships. 

The new features on the Vela are fairly minimal, especially since Viking Cruises works hard to keep experiences similar on all of their vessels. This means passengers should anticipate the same type of décor and design, restaurants, and entertainment options as have been offered on past Viking cruise ships. 

The number of staterooms is slightly more on previous ships, but all staterooms and suites on the Vela have their own private verandas.  

The Viking Vela will be able to carry 998 guests and 465 crew members, and it is anticipated to debut in December 2024. 

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