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Delgado Trial Attorneys represent accident and crime victims that have suffered physical and mental injuries because of the negligence of others. Our maritime and personal injury attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience fighting for the rights of their clients throughout Florida.

Use our half century of experience to your advantage.

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Passenger & Crew accidents

Accidents or crimes that occur on passenger vessels on the high seas can often result in confusion about what country’s law apply to the situation, where can the victim pursue justice and whether they can pursue a claim in the court system at all, if a valid agreement to arbitrate is part of a contract. 

We have been privileged to have represented clients from all over the world. Both passengers & crew, from Asia to Europe, across the Americas and Africa, there’s no stone we’ll leave unturned as we fight for the justice our clients deserve. 

Car Accidents

We have over 50 years of consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain.

We understand that nothing is more important than the emotional, financial and spiritual health of your family, through its many transitions. We are here to help you. The mission of Russel Law offices is to provide the client with the best law advice possible, and help with any problems and law suits required to get through a crisis.