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For Miami Cruise Lawyers’ most senior shareholder Raul G. Delgado, Esq. (aka “Raul Sr.”), many things have changed since 1977, when the experienced personal injury lawyer began his practice, spanning over four decades and a portfolio unrivaled by almost any experienced personal injury lawyer in Florida let alone in Miami. And as with many things in life, the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

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Founding Partner Raul G. Delgado, Esq.


  • J.D., Nova Southeastern College of Law, c/o 1977 (Charter Class)
  • B.A., University of Miami, c/o 1973 -History
  • Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice in: Florida
  • Professional & Bar Association Memberships
  • Licensed to practice in all state courts throughout Florida and the Federal Southern District Court of Florida.

Senior Partner

Raul G. Delgado, Esq.

Raul G. Delgado, Esq. was born as Raul Gabriel Delgado Santiago on October 27, 1949 in Havana, Cuba.  He spent the first decade of his life there before the Communist takeover of the island in 1959. He came to the United States as a young man on December 25, 1960, just after Fidel Castro and his communist allies had seized control of the country from the previous dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Raul’s transition to a new life in the US was gradually underway but the reality of the situation was far from what was originally anticipated. When they first arrived in the US after fleeing Castro’s tyrannical government, most Cubans in exile, himself and his family included, anticipated the exodus to Miami would last only a couple months, before a new power seized control and toppled the fledgling Castro administration.

But as weeks turned into months, and months to years, it soon became apparent that his adoptive country would soon become his home country and his appreciation for the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by every American citizen stood in stark contrast to the oppressive communist system that had taken root in the land of his birth. 

At that point in time, Mr. Delgado realized that his future was in his newly found home, 90 miles from the island he was born and raised on. He set course to earn a legal degree, keeping a promise he made to his Grandfather, a Spanish immigrant to Cuba at the turn of the 20th Century, to master the English language and eventually attend Law School and become an attorney, which was considered to be an esteemed and noble profession both in Cuba and the United Stated.  

Raul continued his studies at Immaculata / La Salle High School in Miami, Florida and earned his diploma by graduating in 1968. He then commenced his collegiate studies at the University of Miami graduating in 1973.

He continued his studies when he commenced working on obtaining his juris doctorate degree and was accepted on a full scholarship at Nova Law School in its Charter Class. He excelled in his studies and earned his J.D. in 1977 and subsequently passed the Florida Bar later that year, which began his 44 year journey as a Florida personal injury lawyer that has spent decades advocating for accident victims across the state of Florida. 

Raul G. Delgado has practiced law in South Florida for over 43 years and focuses his practice on Plaintiffs personal injury cases, wrongful death cases, auto accidents, slip/trip/fall accidents, and of course, cruise ship accidents. He is a partner and founder of the Law Offices of Raul G. Delgado, P.A. and Delgado Trial Attorneys

Every personal injury case, whether on land or at sea, typically starts with an accident that will determine not only the nature of an injury that an accident victim suffers, but who is legally at fault, too. Experience has taught Raul Sr. that acting quickly and aggressively helps to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved for all our clients.

“What most of our clients don’t realize is that a determination on liability can either be made immediately or on the other end, sometimes may take months to make. This means it is critical for us to act quickly to preserve an accident scene and memorialize the testimony of both friendly and adverse witnesses to eliminate their ability to ‘reconsider’ their testimony to make it more ‘self-serving’ at a later date. There’s only some things we can control, but its important to focus on those things and minimize the issues that must be dealt with at a later date.”

“Our Clients today Enjoy The Benefits Of The Experience We Have Acquired Through our four decades of Experience in the field.”

-Raul Sr.