Cruise Ship Shore Excursion accidents

cruise ship excursion accidents

However, shore excursions are highly promoted by the cruise lines . . . because they generate substantial income from these tours, which are typically delivered by independent contractors not subject to the jurisdiction of U.S. courts. These independent contractors may be uninsured, underinsured, unlicensed, or irresponsible. 

What also can go wrong?

A recipe for disaster

Getting injured while on an excursion in a foreign country can be one of the most costly types of accidents that can happen while on a cruise as well as one of the most complex legal matters because of the difficulty obtaining jurisdiction over the foreign excursion entity.

Cruise ship shore excursions can often be a cruise passenger’s most anticipated part of an upcoming itinerary because of the exotic locations and breathtaking experiences they advertise.  Zip-lining through the jungle, ATV’ing through a rain forest on a guided tour or snorkeling in a beautiful coral reef somewhere in the tropics, this is exactly what you imagined your vacation would be like until the unexpected happens, and a dream turns into a nightmare. 

For the innocent passenger, confusion usually sets in once they realize their entire vacation has come to an end and they are left in a foreign country, likely with no medical insurance and if they are lucky, a travel insurance policy full of exclusions. Making it out alive is half the battle. Shore excursion accident victims usually receive rudimentary medical treatment, at best, regardless of the severity of their injuries. They are usually left with a single family member if they are fortunate and are taken by air ambulance home to the US at a cost well over $100,000. Sound familiar?

As if the experience wasn’t bad enough yet, the injured, and now indebted, cruise passenger finds out that it will be very difficult to hold the negligent company accountable for their own actions because they hide behind personal jurisdiction defenses.


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