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slips, trips and falls represent nearly one in three of the large personal injury claims submitted [ ] which aggregate to a staggering $155 m over the past ten years.

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In our 50+ years of combined experience litigating personal injury and maritime cases, we've handled every type of personal injury claim under the sun. Both shoreside and offshore.

In the years he spent defending the major cruise lines, Raul has personal experience litigating almost every type of accident that occurs on the high seas, whether a slip, trip and fall accident, accidents involving shipboard attractions, accidents caused by negligent crowd control measures, poor lighting, ship movement, high winds,  defective furnishings such as door handles or furniture such as chairs, and even negligently designed ship components that require an analysis of the ship’s new build construction plans. There are many reasons why inanimate objects can become risk creating conditions or hazards which are known to experienced maritime attorneys. The marine environment affects building materials differently which is why there are different maintenance and upkeep requirements for materials being used on ocean going vessels as opposed to their shoreside uses equivalents.

Mr. Delgado possesses a skill set that few other maritime attorneys can claim, which is his extensive experience representing the cruise lines and developing their defense strategies for years before he started representing the passengers and crew members that suffered injuries because of the cruise lines’ negligence.

Combined with Raul, Sr.’s 43 years of personal injury experience fighting on behalf of injured accident victims, Delgado Trial Attorneys offers a combination of experience in all types of cruise ship personal injuries unlike any of their competitors.

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